Diamond Concrete Products Recognized as Part of National Concrete Pipe Week

October 23, 2023

Aerial Photo of Diamond Concrete Plant in Rincon.

Rincon, GA - Concrete pipe is an essential component of stormwater infrastructure that is used in site development and transportation projects. Effingham County’s Diamond Concrete Products is a local source of this durable material that has benefited from the tremendous growth in the region. It is because of their contributions on the local and national level that Diamond Concrete has been recognized as the featured company for National Concrete Pipe Week, which occurs annually in the last week of September.

National Concrete Pipe Week was created by the American Concrete Pipe Association to promote its members’ contributions to the communities they serve. In the last week of September each year, the group highlights its partners through proclamations across 35 states, virtual tours and educational opportunities.

“Diamond Concrete was chosen to be our featured plant for National Concrete Pipe week because they have shown a commitment to provide and use production methods to manufacture the highest quality concrete pipe products,” says Michael Kremer, Vice President of Marketing for the American Concrete Pipe Association. “Their recent investment into expanding their operations made them the plant of choice for this year’s virtual tour. Additionally, owner Alan Zipperer has served as an example and mentor to many other producers in the ACPA.”

Each year, Diamond Concrete Products produces roughly 750,000 feet of pipe between 20 different diameter sizes. To date, the company has produced and sold more than 27,000 feet of pipe that will be used in the construction of the Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America. “It’s exciting to be a part of Georgia’s biggest economic development project to date,” says Devin Zipperer, Sales Manager at Diamond Concrete Products. “Even though they are not the most visible part of the project, our resilient pipes will have a lasting impact on our area for years to come.”

While storm water conveyance is the most common application for reinforced concrete pipe, it can also be used in other applications such as sanitary sewer collection systems, potable water conveyance and irrigation water conveyance. Material shortages and delays during COVID impacted Diamond Concrete Products, but they harnessed their strong relationships with material suppliers to reduce lead times from a few months to a matter of weeks. In May 2023, they opened a second manufacturing line on their 29-acre site to meet the growing client demand.

“We would like to congratulate Diamond Concrete Products on being one of the featured plants for National Concrete Pipe Week,” says Brandt Herndon, Chief Executive Officer of the Effingham County Industrial Development Authority.  “It was a humbling experience to tour the facility and hear about all of the construction projects in the region that have been supported by these products made right here in Effingham County.”



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